Volunteers needed

…to help deliver the Foveran Community Newsletter. Currently, a print copy of the newsletter is being delivered to the doorstep of all residentsin the Foveran Community Council area.

For Udny Station and surrounding country area, it is currently William Grant who is looking after the delivery.  He will ensure that the next newsletter (April 2018 edition) will be delivered to all on the present list but future deliveries will depend on volunteers coming forward.cover_April2017 newsletter

If volunteers are not found shortly to deliver newsletters to the country area around Udny Station we regret that paper copies will no longer be delivered to those areas. You will still be able to view the newsletter here.

Anyone willing to assist should contact William Grant, Chairman Foveran Community Council on 01651 842791


One Comment on “Volunteers needed”

  1. james argo says:

    ARE YOU BILL Grant ex Tillymaud Udny

    Response: This would be William Grant, chair of Foveran Community Council, at Bank House, Udny Station.

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